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By providing the best resources and establishing a long-term relationship, we can fully understand your needs and provide customized service.

To meet the needs of various industries, we only recruit translators who have strong professional backgrounds and we insist on accuracy. We use native speakers for translation into their native languages. By providing the best resources, Soven has built long-term partnerships with our clients. Soven offers translation services in more than 30 languages on such specialized subjects as finance, technology, telecommunications, medicine, law, pharmaceuticals, engineering and more.

Soven' innovative use of translation tools to ensure quality and manage knowledge sets us apart from other companies.

Effective management of information is crucial in this era of the knowledge-based economy. Our use of computer-aided translation tools and systematic accumulation of knowledge are among the many innovations we have adopted to make our company unique. With our databases created for various clients, we ensure a consistent standard of quality.

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