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Soven, one of the largest translation companies in the greater China region, provides a wide range of solutions for our global customers.

We help multinational companies with projects such as localization of software products and production of marketing communications in East Asian languages. We help companies in the Asia-Pacific region reach the world through our global language services.

Elite Translation Co., as Soven was previously known, in little more than a decade has become Taiwan's leading translation company and expanded into China. We have offices in Shanghai with affiliates, Japan, South Korea, Europe and other locations around the world.

Soven counts many Fortune 500 companies as part of our customer base. These clients, who are in every major business area, recognize our technical expertise and excellence in project management.

SOVEN History

SovenTrans is a world leader in website localization, software localization, GMS (Globalization Management System) software products, and enterprise-level, professional translation services. Backed by our ISO 9001:2000-certified quality management system, translation solutions allow a diverse array of clients to deliver local language products, services, applications, training and content in a culturally appropriate manner. By allowing our clients to compete more effectively in the global marketplace, we help them grow their businesses internationally.

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